Thank you to everyone who contributed to the sound work
you should be so lucky: a polysemy, which was broadcast in October 2017 in the Radiophrenia shorts programme 7, CCA, Glasgow. It was first exhibited as  part of the Tainted Luck installation at the MFA Show, DJCAD, 2017.

Special thanks to:

Travis Reeves, Sound Editor

And Performers:
Sue Beveridge
Darryl Gowans
735, the artist formerly known as Callum Mackie
Stuart McAdam
Kay Mckellar
Lise Olsen
Carl Smyth
Kristian Zara
Siqi Zuo

Thank you to curators and editors:

Cully McCulloch & Owen Daily (Nomas* Projects, 2020)

Layla-Roxanne Hill (‘Arts Activism Amidst Climate Crisis’ panel, Workers Theatre Festival: Something Has To Happen, 2020) 

Professor Sarah Cook, Professor Joseph DeLappe & Dr Laura Leuzzi (NEoN Festival, Re@ct: Social Change Art Technology Symposium, 2019)

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay  (Screams and Whispers at ECA, 2019)

Coral Short (BetOnfest 2018)

Yoav Admoni  (betOnest residency, 2017))

Mark Vernon & Barry Burns (Radiophrenia 2017)                          

MIX NYC curatorial team (2012)

Chris Fremantle (eco/art/scot/land, 2019)

Ryan Vance & Michael Lee Richardson (Queer Words Anthology, 2019)

Gerry Cambridge & Diana Hendry (New Writing Scotland, 2016)


Fife Fine Arts Society Prize (2017)

FASA project grants, Concordia University (2010, 2011 and 2012)

Thank you to my mentors:

Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen

Sarah Cook

Trevor Gould

Liliana Berezowsky

Ellie Harrison

Coral Short

Jamie Griffiths

Jonathan Bay

Lauren Printy Currie

Daisy Lafarge (SAU writing workshops) 

Moira Jeffrey (SAU writing workshops)

Carrie Mac

Thank you for peer and tech support:

Cloudberry MacLean

Travis Reeves

Nosheen Khwaja

Sebastian De Line

Lisa Canzi

Ryan Backer

Stuart McAdam

Lise Olsen

Daniel Owens

Denholm Owens

Rachel Green

Life mentor:

Carla Poppen (Rest in Power)